Friday, December 7, 2012

Final Reflection

Thanks for a great year. I hope everyone has a good and bless Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project #13

For the group projects we had to do, my partner and I basically kept in touch mostly through emails and texting. We used google docs and gmail to talk about our projects. We use these form of communication to collaborate with ideas for our projects and to come up with meeting times for the group. We shared our ideas and used our tools to get our projects done. We had fun and enjoyed each other company. Being in a small group was less drama and more organized.

Blog post #13
Brian Crosb's video Back to the Future was very amazing. He teaches students ranging in through the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Most of his students are 90% second language learners. His students are also children living in poverty. His classroom is his students comfort zone. Each student has their own computer in the class. He talks about some of the many projects his class does out the school year. Instead of testing his students on the projects they do, he has each student to blog about their experience with the project. If it was a success or not, what they learn from the project, and their opinion about the project.

The best part o the video was the balloon project. They sent a big balloon into the earth’s atmosphere. They took pictures and were amazed how high the balloon went. Then Mr. Crosby had his students to blog about as if they were the balloon entering into our earth’s atmosphere. All his students looked so happy and excited to each project. Most of his teaching was through fun activities done in the classroom as a group. I feel that most of his students learn together then apart when doing projects. His video was inspiring. I can see my future class doing many projects. If Mr. Crosby’s class can learn so much through class projects and activities, I know I can get my students to learn and love doing projects.

The video A Vision of Students Today was a great video. It made me realize that many people, including myself, is struggling to get through school. This video was made with the help of Kansa State University in 2007. The video is about students and how they feel about their life is like as a college student. There were two hundred students who participated in this video, if not more, to answer the question "What is it like to be a college student today?”.

The best part of the video is when the scene changes to a classroom of students who holds up a piece of paper or their computers to express how it is to be a college student. The signs were very creative and very true statements. The one sign any student can relate to is that as college students we spend so much on books and we probably won’t touch them all year. Or the fact that by the time we make it half way through school we are in $20, 000 to $30, 000 debts.

Standing in a teacher prospective, it can be changed through technology. Most students do not come to class because they are bored with the material. By the time they graduate and start their career they will not use half of the stuff they learned in school. I think online classes can be a big help in saving money and gas. Downloading books off of eCollege or renting textbooks from school books stores or online can also be a good saver to money. There are many ways that technology can help out struggling college students. Its just the way students use their sources.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Last C4K Post

One of my C4K was a tenth grade student name Makalia. Her post was about a book she read in class call Speak. I never heared of the book, but I told her I'll look into it. From what she said about the main character, it sound interesting. She really did not have much to talk about on her blog, but about the book she read for the week.


My last C4K for the semester is a 5th grader name Jacqueline. Her blog post What's Rising? was about the Gorilla population. She states that the number is 230, but now its rising more and more each year. Jacqueline mentions that a story of an gorilla name Ivan and how he was treated, might changed the hearts of people and how they treat these aniamls. All species are important. Her post reminds me of the movie "RISE OF THE APES". She did a good job. Hope she keep up the work.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

C4T#4: One's Principal's Musing

In Julie Vincentsen's blog post Capturing Struggling Readers, she talks about how many kids are struggling readers. She was at an IEP meeting and a parent was concern because her son was fustrated because he could not read the same books his peers could read. He felt that he could not discuss a book with one of his friends because he would not know what the book was about. The discssion at the meeting lead to audio books. In her post she states that "Audio books allow us to foster a love for literature separately from the mechanics of reading".Using audio books to help studetnts with their reading was a good idea. I had stated in my comment I left on her page, that I loved to listen to a audio book or someone to read to me when I was coming up in school. I did not enjoy reading on my own until I was in high school. Audio books was a big help in my life and I know they will be a big help in other students life.

Her other post Thank You Dr. King, was so heart touching. She talkes about how she sent out this post to the family of the students, where she is the principal, to share with them the good of Dr. King. She celebrate the life and legacy of the King and how he made such a difference through his famous speech he gave in 1963. Mrs. Vincentsen was amaze how this nation had came together over the past 60 years. Dr. King and many other great heros, have a big difference in our world. The video she had posted was also heart moving. Please, take time out to watch this wonderful video and listent to the song by Michael Jackson "I'm Starting With the Man in the Mirror".

Final Report on my PLN

My PLN has become more creative. I have come to use more website daily.It still is a great way to organize all your favorite websites. Its a fast and easy way to have every website you use on hand.  I am now following more teachers on twitter and using more helpful site. I have learned so much from this course about technology and still will continue after the course. I think many people should have a PLN. Its great for anyone.


C4T #3: Dr. Strange's Strange Thoughts

In Dr.Strange's blog post Facts, he talks about how facts are irrelevant. He was sitting next to a member of the New Jersey State Board of Education at a conference, when he was informed that the Board was insisting that kids learn important historical facts. He ask the man which part of history to be exact. Giving student dates to remember is not really giving them facts about that event. Dr. Strange feels that giving the students the dates of history without gathering information to know why the event has taken place is irrelevant. Its good to know they are learning the dates when the event took place, but knowing why it took place is just as important. Many students get by with dates or just knowing the event took place. Being able to explain why the historical event took place helps students out more in the future. They will be able to explain their thoughts on the event and not just be able to say when the event happened.

In Dr. Strange's blog post Understand Sarcasm and Satire or You Might be Dangerously Irrelevant as an Educator was an eye awaking post. In Dr. McLeod's post "Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?" was misundrstood by 35% of the students in EDM310 this semester. Either the students really missed the sarcasm or they just did not read the post. Last spring when I had taken this course for the first time, I was one of those students that misunderstood Dr. McLeod's concept in his post. Now retaking the course, I had an opportunity to reread his post and understand what Dr. McLeod was saying. I feel that if people cannot understand sarcasm/satire at the time they can get confused. It depends on how well are you paying attention to what the writter is saying. I do believe, as an future educator, that its sad that some people do not know when a person is using sarcasm/satire. I felt really bad, but when I reread the post I knew it was a mistake and that I misunderstood what he was saying. I just need to pay attention more carefully to what I am reading.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progress Report for Final Project

My group and I have chosen Option B for our project 16. We have to create a 10-15 minute movie which helps prospective students prepare for EDM310, EDM310 students survive EDM310, outsiders understand EDM310 or about anything having to do with the use of technology as tools in a classroom. We have made out our plan on what our movie will be about and plan to record on Tuesday. I hope it turns out great. We cannot wait to see the finish product.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

1. Watch these video's Technology in Special Education Classroom and Teaching Special Education Think about how technology can help in the special education classrooms. Write two to three paragraphs about how you can make a difference with your students if you were teaching a special education class. Following the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post.

2. Also write a one to two paragraph on how using technology with other subjects in the classroom. Such as math, reading, social studies, arts, or other subject.

Both video's was great. I think using technology in the classroom to help students overcome many obstacles in learning is great. Technology in Special Education was a great video. The teacher uses technology heavy in the classroom to make the day go by easy. Letting the students use the computers to help them with their work, makes it easy for the teacher and the student. Some students have trouble reading, so they can read a long with the computer or they can just listen. I like how the young boy uses the iPad to learn how to trace numbers and letters.


A child's education is very important and how they learn is even more important. Teaching Special Education was a great video. Nothing like a teacher understanding where her students are coming from and how they feel, can help out with how the classroom can be run. Knowing there is a student out there that cannot express their self because of their situation. Mrs. Vogelsang uses her feedback from her students as a positive reinforcement. Knowing that she is making a difference in her student lives makes a difference in hers. It may take some time for the students to be where they need to be, but soon they will get there. She loves using the Smartboard because it gets the students more involved with class activities and the laptops as well. She made a statement "it has to be something you want, it has to be something in your heart you want to do.


Using technology in the classroom to teach any subject can be fun. Math, reading, arts, history, or even science can be flipped into technology learning. It’s just how you use technology to make it work for you and the students. It’s so much you can do with the Smartboard, laptops, iPad's, cameras, iPod's, blogging, and even podcast. I feel that what make the learning fun, the student will love to learn. Technology is fun and learning from it besides sitting in a classroom reading from a book or listening to the teacher lecture all the time can be a great change. There will be much technology in my future classroom. It will not be new to the classroom much but I can make a difference with it with my future students.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Post #11

Little Kids... Big Potential is an awesome video by a first grade class using technology. For the students to be so young they are well educated. They know so much about technology at a young age. They each have their own blog and a classroom webpage. It amazes me how young they are that they know so much. Their teacher, Mrs. Cassidy, should be very proud. They know not to say something mean on someone’s blog, but to encourage their fellow classmates. By writing on their blog everyday also helped them with their writing. They learn through their blogs, wikis, classroom webpage, videos, and their Nintendo DS. They liked to Skype with other classes from other states or towns. It just amazed me how well educated they are for children of their age.


For Mrs. Cassidy Skype Interview she talks about how she has accepted technology into her classroom over ten years ago and has been using it ever since. She helped her students in many ways with the five computers that were giving to her class. The blogs is like an online progress. Parents can check up on their child through the classroom blog or their personal blogs. I like how she said “the world will go on without blogging, but one of the things the students get with blogging that they cannot get with paper and pencil is an audience”. They are learning to communicate with other students around the world and not just the students in their class. Mrs. Cassidy also thinks teachers need to be technology literate. I think so as well because it’s much more then word processor or Microsoft software. I also liked when she says "getting information off of other people blog is not cheating its collaborating." She made a good statement because I have learned so much this semester through other people blogs post.

I would love to use technology in my future classroom. I would love to use blogs, Skype, wikis, videos, and much more in the classroom for a fun learning experience. There will still be class work without technology. I do not want technology to take over the classroom complete because I do not want the students to forget what is more important. Sometimes technology can be just a tad bit too much fun. When I took computer courses in school or college I could not stay focus without chatting or being on Facebook or YouTube. I want them to learn but also have fun.

C4K Summary of October

Two Weeks on Holiday
This blog post was about a kid name Anthony from England. He did a slid show on the things he would love to do for a two week holiday break. He will get $50,000 and spend it on private jets, clothes, shoes, fancy hotels, Ferrari, sushi, a stop in Beverly Hills, and to meet his favorite team, the NY Giants. He has a good future vacation ahead of him. I hope he can make his dream trip come true. Everyone needs a good vacation.

AP Government Ruling My Daily Thoughts
Annelise is a student who attends St. Cecilia Academy Catholic School in Nashville. She talks about her AP Government class and what she learning from the world around her. She talks about the Affordable Care Act. Which involves businesses to provide their employees with contraceptives and sterilization process. She also discuss how the US government is in national debt and they can be shut down due to unpassed budgets or bills. Taking this class, she has gotten more interested in the political things that is happening around her. I never seen or heard of any student that was so interested in the politics. I was not interested in politics till I was old enough to vote. She starting off to a good start.

CJ's is apart of Miss Mac's outstanding owls. His post was about insects, the praying mantis. He wanted his viewers to identify how many parts does the insect have. The praying mantis have three parts. The head, body, and tail. CJ is very interested in insects. I do not like them at all. They really make my body crawls. Everybody has an interest in something and mines is not bugs.

Airport Art:Faces of Ireland
Vitulli and Santoli: Eyes of Ireland. Their post was about Irish visual artist Kevin Abosch. He took 250 photos of the citizens of the island and was displayed in their local airport. Through out the airport the citizens can see their portraits and wonder how they became a piece of art. I thought it was very creative and a wonderful masterpiece. I do not know if I can walk into an airport and see my picture hanging without out getting excited. It was a true piece of art.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind

In a USA today article written by Mary Beth Marklien, discuss education in the next thirty years. She touch base on Sebastian Thrun, a Google vice president and Stanford research professor best know for his role in building Google's driverless car. He founded Udacity, a developed catalog of free online courses taught by star professors from around the world. "You want learning to be as much fun as it is to play a video game" says Thrun. He do not know how education will be in the future, but he's does know that it will be at the top of the line with the use of technology. Students will not have to worry about being on time for class, given a grade, and the lesson will be free. Teacher will not have to worry about oversize classrooms. They only thing the students will have to worry about is the time and place. Thrun want education to reach everyone and everywhere without closing down the schools. His vision of education and the future sums up to "a message of hope of aspiration not destruction". I know that education is important, but what we use and how teach it is more important. Going to a college and paying for my education, which can be cheaper then a cell phone, can be very helpful to me in the future. Knowing I can get an education and its not costing me much, can be a   good idea to anybody that is in school. Technology is taking over the world day by day. It's future lies in the hands of our future generation.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project #11: Short Movie

Blog Post # 10


The cartoon by John T. Spencer speaks for itself. What you buy is what you get. If a person buys a cheap product to use, eventually it will break and it will have to be replaced. Paper and pencil will always be around, even with all the new technology that is being used each day. Eventually, paper and pencil will be left behind as the iPads, touchscreens tablets, smartboards etc.; take over our schools and the way we learn and teach.

Mr. John T. Spencer’s blog "Why Were Your Kids Playing Games?" was very interesting. When the principle feels that Mr. Tom is spending more time playing games with his students than teaching, he does not approve and call him into his office. Mr. Tom tried to get the principle to understand that they were playing games to go along with their lessons. He stated that it was an advanced simulation and that the “best of the best” use simulation to learn. If teachers do not make the lesson interesting and fun, some students do not learn. If teachers just want the students to memorize the material to produce better test scores, then the students are really not learning.

Mr. Spencer's blog "The Con Academy" was also a good blog post. He was conned by a salesman to flip his classroom. Where the teachers plan the class assignments in advance and have the students to review before they get to class. So the teachers can be more focus on the students and their needs instead of lecturing the whole class. It’s a great idea for teachers who have more students than they can handle. The students need their teacher’s attention. It’s hard for a teacher to just lecture to a class without actually giving their students enough attention to see if they are really learning. Mr. Spencer’s blog is very awesome and creative. I like how he uses short stories to explain his opinions. They keep his blog funny and entertaining. Great reading material with good advice and something that keeps me entertained.


Mr. Scott McLeod’s post, "Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?" was a good post. Mr. Scott used sarcasm to get his point across. Stopping kids from using technology was not his intention at all. Teachers and parents should not stop their children from using technology. Mr. Scott is an Associate Professor, CASTLE director, blogger, idea generator, solution builder, agitator, and catalyst. “If the leaders don’t get it, it’s not going to happen”, remarked McLeod. He also received numerous awards for his technology leadership work and the center for Digital Education. He makes a good point about not stopping kids from using technology. They will either use it on their own or they can learn the right way to use it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blog Post #9

What I Learned This Year (2010-11) is a blog post by Mr. Joe McClung. It was his third year of teaching, but his first year staying at the same school for more than one year. It also was his first year of being a coach, coaching cross country, and teaching computer applications. He had accomplish so much from teaching. Mr. McClung has learned about who his boss is and to never get to comfortable. He states that its a must to stay energized and always on a go when your a teacher. He learned to accept and learn new ideas each day. Teachers learn on a daily basis and accept their imperfections and work on them. Teacher must be able to accept the fact that every lesson will not go as planned. Mr. McClung says that he used to stress all the time because his lessons did not go as planned. Being an elementary teacher, lessons will hardly go as planned because your students are all different in all ways. Teachers must make their lessons plans to fit every student. I hope my future lessons plans will be good enough to fit each student learning style.

What I Learned This Year - Volume 4:2011-12 is Mr. McClung last year blog post during his 2011-2012 school year. He talks about how he feel like he is being judge by his peers. Being a teacher or student, being judge is always going to happen. Mr. McClung put his thoughts aside and focus on his students. Making sure his students are well taken care of and enjoying class is all he cares about. That should be all teachers concern and it will be mines.

Mr. McClung also talks about challenging yourself. With him teaching the same subject for the past three years, he began to get bored. He began to depend on old lesson plans and material that he was finding his class boring. Teaching the same thing over and over without new ideas can be very dreadful. Students can lose focus and not be interested in the subject. When he was offer a new position teaching a different grade level and new subject he was happy. It will come with a lot of work and time to get the lessons in order. With a new subject and grade level, Mr. McClung will be learning new material and becoming more creative again to teach. Many teachers will come to that crossroad in teaching, but they must try to think of ways to keep their classroom alive and going. I will never give up and try my hardest to give my students the best. Mr. McClung has once again given good advice and wrote a great post.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project: #10 PLN


I think I like having a PLN because it gives me what I need right away. All my favorite sites on one page. Something I can use in the future and have my students to create. I hope I get a chance to full up all the squares. Maybe after the course I can still have my PLN active.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Post # 8

In his video This is How We Dream Part 1 and 2,  Richard Miller talks about how multimedia is changing technology and the way we teach. Teachnology makes the world around us much easy to cope with. Using the internet is much faster then going to the library and opening a book. Using an online dictionary, encyclopedia, and much more internet sources are more available to uses through a click of a button. Learning should be fun. With technology we can make it interesting to learn. Richard also talks about the changes in writing and how its changing our community and the world around us. He focus on two main points which was the Incremrntal and Fundamental changes. Time is changing and so is technology and the way we use it. One of my favorite quotes from the video is, "Ideas don't belong to us individually, but to us as a culture." If we come together to incoporate technology into teaching, things will change as a culture in the educational field.


Carly Pugh Blog Post #12 was so awesome. All her ideas and comments was good and on point. She was very detailed when explaining her assignments. The video's she shared on her blog was very good examples of her Youtube play list. It inspired me to put more work into my blog assignments and just have fun with it. I love how she thought deeply about her assignments before starting her post. She had such enthusiasm about her blog post. She also was connected to Dr. Millers video on how to use technology. She did a great job.

EDM310 For Dummies was a funny video. Sometimes I feel just like the girls in the video. If it was not for the video that Dr. Strange inserted in the blog assignments and project assignments I would have been lost on half of the things we have to do. It can be stressful with all the work that has to be done, but if I stay on top of my work, I'll be fine.The Chipper Series video makes a good point about being on time with your work.Chipper procrastinated and did everything she could to take the easier route that did not require her to do any work. In the end it did not do her any good because she was not successful as she should have been. If she would have stayed in school and followed directions she would have done a good job. Late assignments or just not doing your work will not make it in any classes. You cannot pass without doing. work. Had work beats talent any day.

Learn to Change,Change to Learn is about educators discussing how education is changing. They state that a classroom should not just be a class with four walls, but it should be the world. There are so many advantages to having technology in the classroom. They believe we should start with teachers to get to the children. They have created a place where teachers can interact with teachers from around the world. Technology will also provide the best quality in the classrooms. Also one of the guys in the video states that classes today are big on standardize test and other big test, but in the real world jobs do not require that.

Cool Pics

1). I found Edmodo. Its a site mostly for teachers and students. It kind of remind me of Facebook. I can put students in groups and connect with other teachers. It can be a good site for the classroom. I can post assignments, homework, and even project activities on there. Something I can really use.
2). I think the site Animoto created the video. They have a Lite deal which is free. Then they have the Animoto Plus which is $30 a year or $5 a month. This is very affordable. Something that is a very descent price.

C4T #2: The Principal's Principles

3 Words for the Year: Hope, Opportunity, and Courage

Mr. Bernia talks about how students come to school without hope, opportunity, and courage at a stuff meeting. He wants teachers, like his self, to give students hope,to give them an opportunity, and to courage them to go on. If not teachers, who is? Some kids go to school with no hope that they will not succeed. When students lose hope they lose faith. Knowing they have hope for tomorrow they will keep them moving forward. Some students do not get an opportunity to see the world or go places. As teachers, taking a student on a field trip to the movies, museum, concert, or to the zoo is giving a child many opportunities. Many students really will not explore places with out a school trip. Most students, if not all, need to be encourage. They need that courage to move on and to make it through school. There will always be that one teacher that will not give up on any students. Courage can take a student a long way in life. I was encourage not to give up in life by my grandmother, and I will not turn around now.

Students Reading for Pleasure

In his blog post, Mr. Bernia talks about getting students to read for pleasure. He states that reading can lead to improved reading comprehension, increased writing ability, better use of grammar, increased vocabulary, and much more. The hard part is keeping older students interested in reading for pleasure. His solution is the RSS feed. Its a feed reader such as Google reader or Apple reader students can create to help them find interesting thing to read. Blogging in class can also help the students to connect with other students. Blogging can also help them with their reading. Helping students to stay interested in reading is hard if they do not have help. Keeping them encourage and giving them hope that they will stay focus to read.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Students did a good job on the video.The video demonstrates how students no longer have to hand in their information anymore. Teachers now found ways to make learning effective, by demanding students to take the knowledge and apply it.I loved how they use pictures to get their points across. They talked about how students can be their own teachers. I like that networking gives students the time to build their own way of learning and meet other people. Teaching is changing everyday and technology is becoming more reliable. But in my opinion teachers will always be a key resource.

"Why does the networked students even need a teacher?" Because students need some guidance. Teachers are the one who give them the opportunity to build their information on their own. As teachers also help students make a way for themselves to become more open to different learning was through technology and  other resources. Teachers are here to make sure that students are making the right decision. Teachers can only help so much. They can make a difference if the student lets them. Networking can give students a more hands on based and having fun. Not just staying in the books because there is more to learning then just a book.I can say I am ready to become an networked teacher. I am willing to go the distance to become a great one.

A 7th Grader Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

This video has taught me a lot.. I really was not sure what a PLE or PLN was till I saw this video. PLN can keep you more organized and its an easy way to obtain information. It is a quicker way to get to favorite web links faster, and a great way to organized information about a certain topic or subject. The 7th grader showed me a way to be more organized and she was very creative with her PLE. I think I can get use to using a PLN from now on.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

First off, Randy Pausch was an amazing person. He starts off his video by telling the audience that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I’m not sure I would able to act as if I’m going to live forever, knowing my time on Earth was limited. This just goes to show what a great, strong man Randy Pausch was. He was at peace with his condition and chose to reach out and help individuals, one last time. His “Last Lecture” has touch so many people including me.

Like many other people, he had many childhood dreams he wanted to achieve. Such as: being in zero gravity, playing in the National Football League, authoring an article in the World Book Dictionary, being Captain Kirk (actually meeting Captain Kirk), winning big stuffed animals, and being an imagineer with Disney. We learn throughout the video that he accomplishes almost all of his dreams, which made him the person he once was.

After he talked about his childhood dreams, he eased into enabling the dreams of others. He mentioned that there was no better job than enabling the childhood dreams of others. Tommy Burnette helped him realize that he could enable the dreams of others. He conducted an on-line class at Carnegie Mellon to teach others the same thing. He has helped so many people, and will continue doing so many years to come.

This video inspired me to bust through those brick walls that come in my life. One of my biggest bricks wall is the Praxis exam. I will keep trying till I can knock that wall down and pass that exam. As a future educator I want to raise the bars for my students so they can execute effective head fakes and much more. I loved the advice he gave in his videos. “When you screw up and nobody says anything to you, it means they have given up. If they stay on you till you get it right, it means they care”. I will not give up on any student of mines because I do not want them to give up on learning. I will never forget the advice he has given in his last lecture.


Friday, October 5, 2012

C4K #1: Iron @ Pt England School

Thai Fish Cakes-(Let's Cook With Parmco)

My first C4K is a little girl name Iron. She lives in England and is in the fifth grade. Iron and her classmates are in a cooking competition for "Lets cook with Parmco". She is in a group with Gloria, Kaycee, Sela, Tyla-Marie, Jouan and herself. Their dish was "Thai Fish cakes". They look so good and yummy. It was their first time cooking. It was difficult for them because they was scared that they were going to get burn. Iron and her teammates favorite part was getting to eat the Thai fish cakes. I really hope they win their competition. They have my vote.

My Cousins Birthday!

Iron second post was about her going to her little cousin third birthday party. She was very happy about the party mainly because she knew she were going to eat some cake. Her favorite part of the part was to eat some of the birthday cake. I realize her cousin birthday was on the same day as my niece birthday (9/23/12). I hope she enjoyed her cousin party and hope she enjoyed the birthday cake.

TimeToast Timeline Individual Project #9a

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blog Post #5

The iSchool Initiative


This video by Travis Allen, 17, was a good presentation on iSchool initiative. Travis talks about how the iSchool Initiative is trying to get schools involved with iTouch hand held devices. Many of the devices will be like iPhones, iPads, and mostly iTouch technology. He believe, and so do I, that with this new way of learning money can be saved. Apple Store has a third party app for all assignments, which can be very helpful for the teacher and students. It would save a great amount of money for students, teachers, schools, and even the country. It will help many schools save money on books and other sources, so they can focus on the main problem, helping kids learn and achieve. By the time I become a teacher, it would be nice for the iSchool Initiative to be put in effect because it will not only save money, but it will also help our students get ready for the future ahead. I think what Travis and his organization is doing is a great thing. When students learn through a different method other then paper and pencil, they have fun and learn more. Using technology in the classroom will be a great way of teaching.

I fell in love with this video. It must had took a long time for each person to get on each note. For all these people to have never met in person and made a amazing piece like this just through a webcam is awesome. This just make you look at technology a whole different way. I sing in a choir and sometimes it can be hard trying to get on key. For Eric Whitacre to put this together was a work of art. I will most definitely show this to my future classroom. I feel its something everybody should see, amazing.

Teaching in the 21st Century

I think Kevin Roberts believe that students should be taught skills and not facts and information. He states that we should not be entertainment to our students, but we should be there to engage with the students. In other words, interact with the students because teacher can learn from their students as well as the students can learn from the teachers. I agree that teaching the students to memorize the information and then testing them on it is very pointless. Teaching them the skills to obtain and use the information will be more effective.

I think teacher should be able to teach both facts and skills. I feel they should be taught not only the basics but also things that can prepare them for life as well. If teachers can teach them now, it will help them out in life what their parents or guardians do not teach them at home. I was not prepared for a lot of things in this world, which I rather had to learn on my own or my grandmother and mother taught me much as they can. There are some teachers that will help their students in anyway. I want to be one of those teachers in the future.

Flipping the Classrooms

Katie Gimbar Why I Flipped My Classroom and Ms. Munafo Flipping the Classroom-4th Grade STEM was good sources of information on flipping the classrooms. They both made good points about lecturing in front of the classroom is boring. It's not inefficient, not engaging and the students do not be focus. Dr. Lodge McCammon's idea of FIZZ is a great idea. I like how the students can view a video at home or before class, for the next day letting them know what they will be covering in class and they can practice and review a head of time. So when the students get in class there is more time for them to have one-on-one with the teachers. The videos are very efficient, can be viewed multiple of times and creates a lot of classroom time. I can see myself flipping my future classroom because I want more time helping my students then lecturing them. I do not want them to think I'm boring by talking them to death instead of helping them learn and have fun. I think FIZZ is a great idea.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Project # 6: This is My Sentence

Blog Post #4


This was a good and very interesting blog post. It was very interesting how the students introduced podcasting to the other students by allowing them to take part of the activity. It is a good idea to integrate technology into schools at such a young age, but also a good thing to let the students to participate in creating the podcast, instead of letting the teacher do all the work. I like how the teacher let the students mix up each part of the story so that it was in a different order and in their own voices. It was also a good idea to let them hooked the computer up to the smart board, and let the students make correction of their parts by listening to each part over and over. I think I can use this technique in my future classroom with podcasting to help my students in many ways. It helps the students understand what they are doing and it also help them to work and correct each other. It also can be a great way for them to get involved in the classroom and more involve with each other. Because there is always that one child who feels left out.

First Graders Create Their Own Read Along Book

This blog post was on of my favorites. It was about this first grade teacher who decided that she was going to do a podcast with her students. She made them a booklet to follow along with which was also a great idea. I think that this integrates technology into schools at a very age and helps they to become creative. I feel that creativity is what we need more into the schools today. I feel that we did not have much creativity when I was growing up. So knowing that my son will have much creativity in the future to help him learn is a plus for him. It keeps the students focus and also gives them a fun way of making things to help them learn. I can use this technique in my future classroom to keep my students creative and interested in learning.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

I loved this video and how helpful it can be when it comes to using podcasting. It shows how podcasting can be very useful working in or outside the classroom. It is a good thing for students to have more project based learning. I like how the little girl was sick and she did not want to go to school because she did not want to make the other students sick. So the mother was able to pulled up the information the teacher had on a podcast for students who missed class. I also like when the principal said that it gives the parents a link into the classroom. Podcasting gives the parents to see what their children and teacher is doing in the classroom. Especially for the parents who have a major career that cannot always help and see what they child is doing in the classroom. I just love how podcasting can be good for the parents and not just for the students, teachers, and principals.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

C4T #1: Jenny’s Learning

iPad in My Classroom

In Ms. Jenny blog, she talked about how they are using a new technology in the classroom. The iPad became an interesting tool for her and her students. The students love having the iPad in the classroom that they behave just to get to use it. She use the iPad for reading and math activities. They have fun and learn at the same time. I feel that something new in the classrooms that the students can learn from is always a good idea. I just love how she is bring technology in her classroom. Something I will be doing in my future classroom as well.
Jenny Blog

Having a Go at Photography

I love this blog Ms. Jenny wrote. She talked about taking a picture with her iPhone. She made a good point about how you do not have to have the finest things to make things work. She took lovely picture of flowers just with her phone and not with a expensive camera. I feel that many people for get to realize before all this high tech tools, things was done a much simple way. I may not have an iPad or Mac but the tools I do have works just fine. Like Ms. Jenny said, "The happiest people don’t have everything, they just make the best of everything.".