Thursday, November 29, 2012

C4T#4: One's Principal's Musing

In Julie Vincentsen's blog post Capturing Struggling Readers, she talks about how many kids are struggling readers. She was at an IEP meeting and a parent was concern because her son was fustrated because he could not read the same books his peers could read. He felt that he could not discuss a book with one of his friends because he would not know what the book was about. The discssion at the meeting lead to audio books. In her post she states that "Audio books allow us to foster a love for literature separately from the mechanics of reading".Using audio books to help studetnts with their reading was a good idea. I had stated in my comment I left on her page, that I loved to listen to a audio book or someone to read to me when I was coming up in school. I did not enjoy reading on my own until I was in high school. Audio books was a big help in my life and I know they will be a big help in other students life.

Her other post Thank You Dr. King, was so heart touching. She talkes about how she sent out this post to the family of the students, where she is the principal, to share with them the good of Dr. King. She celebrate the life and legacy of the King and how he made such a difference through his famous speech he gave in 1963. Mrs. Vincentsen was amaze how this nation had came together over the past 60 years. Dr. King and many other great heros, have a big difference in our world. The video she had posted was also heart moving. Please, take time out to watch this wonderful video and listent to the song by Michael Jackson "I'm Starting With the Man in the Mirror".

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