Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

1. Watch these video's Technology in Special Education Classroom and Teaching Special Education Think about how technology can help in the special education classrooms. Write two to three paragraphs about how you can make a difference with your students if you were teaching a special education class. Following the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post.

2. Also write a one to two paragraph on how using technology with other subjects in the classroom. Such as math, reading, social studies, arts, or other subject.

Both video's was great. I think using technology in the classroom to help students overcome many obstacles in learning is great. Technology in Special Education was a great video. The teacher uses technology heavy in the classroom to make the day go by easy. Letting the students use the computers to help them with their work, makes it easy for the teacher and the student. Some students have trouble reading, so they can read a long with the computer or they can just listen. I like how the young boy uses the iPad to learn how to trace numbers and letters.


A child's education is very important and how they learn is even more important. Teaching Special Education was a great video. Nothing like a teacher understanding where her students are coming from and how they feel, can help out with how the classroom can be run. Knowing there is a student out there that cannot express their self because of their situation. Mrs. Vogelsang uses her feedback from her students as a positive reinforcement. Knowing that she is making a difference in her student lives makes a difference in hers. It may take some time for the students to be where they need to be, but soon they will get there. She loves using the Smartboard because it gets the students more involved with class activities and the laptops as well. She made a statement "it has to be something you want, it has to be something in your heart you want to do.


Using technology in the classroom to teach any subject can be fun. Math, reading, arts, history, or even science can be flipped into technology learning. It’s just how you use technology to make it work for you and the students. It’s so much you can do with the Smartboard, laptops, iPad's, cameras, iPod's, blogging, and even podcast. I feel that what make the learning fun, the student will love to learn. Technology is fun and learning from it besides sitting in a classroom reading from a book or listening to the teacher lecture all the time can be a great change. There will be much technology in my future classroom. It will not be new to the classroom much but I can make a difference with it with my future students.

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  1. Jeanette,

    Very interesting assignment idea. I like how you included Dr. Strange's admonition to write according to the guidelines of quality blog post.