Saturday, March 31, 2012

C4K Summary Post

I had a student from Canada name Melissa. She is eleven years old and is in the sixth grade. She used Prezi to create a blog post about herself. She is also part french. She have three best friends and many other good friends. She is the only child and  has a pet rabbit name fluffy. She have four cousin and  love doing activities with her family. She have a lot of awesome hobbies that I wish I can do in my spire time but school and work take up much of that time. Some of her hobbies are four wheeling, dirt biking, playing the Wii, listening to music and more. She plays a lot of sports such as volley ball, soccer, cross country, basketball and many others. She is a very active you girl. I asked her do she like blogging and how long have she been blogging.


My second student was Klaudia. Her post was about getting 500 blog post before Easter. She had made a big challenge with her teacher that she and her classmates can get five hundred blog post before Easter and if they accomplish their goal her and the class with have a party for their achievement. So all the students have to post at least three to four times a day.  I thought that was brave of her and a big challenge to accomplish and I hope they get their party.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog Post #9

On Mr. Joe McClung's blog post What I've Learn This Year (2008-09), he writes about what he learned from his first year of teaching. The first thing he learn was to be more student centered. He stated that most teachers become so concerned about delivering the content that they forget whats more important in teaching, which is checking for student comprehension. He also writes about being flexible. He says " NO LESSON IS EVER PERFECT. THE LESSON YOU TEACH AND THE ONE YOU PLAN IS ALWAYS DIFFERENT." I believe this because there is no way anyone can stick to exact lesson plan because it will be hard and boring. There will be mistakes but Mr. Joe says "work with it and try to better the situation.

He also talks about communication. It can be hard sometimes but communication is the key. Do not let things get out the hand with fellow teachers or students. Always work things out with them and find the best solution through communication. Also he states to not set high expectation for students. They are not perfect and so are teacher. We cannot expect them to meet expectation if we have not done it ourselves. "Our job as teachers is to simply pick them up after they fail, dust them off, and encourage them to try again." 


Mr. Clung also writes about not being afraid of technology, technology is our friend. I love technology so that would not be a problem for me to introduce to my students. I learn so much in this EDM310 course that technology is a blessing. Another important tip he gave was to LISTEN TO YOUR STUDENTS. I feel that this is important in teaching or not. Never know what they is trying to say is important. I also agree with him by taking the time out to know your students. At the end of his blog he states never stop learning. As educators, I think its important to learn as much as we can because something is always changing or being added into our world. I loved his blog post, it just makes me more motivated to do what I have to do to feel the experience of being a first year educator.

Blog Post #8

Richard Miller talks about in his video This is How we Dream Part 1 and 2 how multimedia is changing technology and how we teach. Technology makes it easy for us to research material without opening a book or going to a library to do research. We can do all our research with a click of a button. Its faster to find something using the internet then looking it up in a book. Dictionaries, encyclopedic, and much more is available to us through a internet search. Learning should be fun and with technology we can make it interesting and fun. Richard also talks about the changes in writing  multimedia and how its changing our community and the world around us. There where two man points he talked about which was the Incremental and Fundamental change. Time is changing and  so is technology and the we teach.

Carly Pugh Blog Post #12 was so awesome. All her ideas and comments was good. She was very detailed and right to the point.  The video she shared and posted on her blog was very awesome and good examples of her YouTube play list. She did a good job on her post. It inspired me to put more work into my blog post and just have with it. Her post went along with Dr. Miller video and writing technology. She did a good job.

EDM310 For Dummies w
as a funny video and sometimes I feel just like the girls in the video. But if it was not for the video that is inserted in the blog assignments and project assignments I would have been major lost on half of the things we had to do. It can be stressful with all the work is that has to be done but if I stay on top of it I'll be fine. The Chipper Series video makes a good point about being on time with your work and turning it in. Late work and not doing your work will not make it in any classes. You cannot pass without your work being done.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn is about educators discussing about how education is changing. They state tha a classroom should not just be a class with four walls, but it should be the world. There are so many advantages to having technology in the classroom. They believe we should start with teachers to get to the children. They have created a place where teachers can interact with teachers from around the world. Technology will also provide the best quality in the classrooms. Also one of the guys in the video states that classes today are big on standardize test and other big test, but in the real world jobs do not require that.

Cool Pics

1). I found Edmodo. Its a site mostly for teachers and students. It kind of remind me of Facebook. I can put students in groups and connect with other teachers. It can be a good site for the classroom. I can post assignments, homework, and even project activities on there. Something I can really use.
2). I think the site Animoto created the video. They have a Lite deal which is free. Then they have the Animoto Plus which is $30 a year or $5 a month. This is very affordable. Something that is a very descent price.

Project #12

Project #14 Smartboard Instruction Part 1

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project # 10 PLN

MY PLN. I think i like having a PLN because it gives me what I need right away. All my favorite sites on one page. Something I  can use in the future and have my students to create. I hope I get a chance to full up all the squares.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog Post # 7

The Networked Students did a good job on the video. I loved how they use pictures to get their points across. They talked about how students can be their own teachers. I like that networking gives students the time to build their own way of learning and meet other people. Teaching is changing everyday and technology is becoming more reliable. But in my opinion teachers will always be a key resource.
"Why does the networked students even need a teacher?" Because students need some guidance. Teachers are the one who give them the opportunity to build their information on their own. As teachers also help students make a way for themselves to become more open to different learning was through technology and  other resources. Teachers are here to make sure that students are making the right decision. Teachers can only help so much. They can make a difference if the student lets them. Networking can give students a more hands on based and having fun. Not just staying in the books because there is more to learning then just a book.

A 7th Grader Personal Learning Environment (PLE)
This video has taught me a lot.. I really was not sure what a PLE or PLN was till I saw this video. PLN can keep you more organized and a easy way to obtain information. It is a quicker way to get to some web links faster, and a great way to organized inofrmation about a certain topic or subject. The 7th grader showed me a way to be more organized and she was very creative with her PLE. I think I can get use to using a PLN from now on.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

C4T # 2: Jenny's Learning Journey

Having a Go at Photography!
Jenny Blog
Jenny blog was about using what you have to make it work. Just because she did not have a thousand dollar camera, her camera on her iPhone took good pictures as if she used an expensive camera. Jenny said "The happiest people don’t have everything, they just make the best of everything." She was right, it does not take a lot to make someone happy. This blog post inspire me to do an assignment with my future students using what we have, instead of going out to buy things we really do not need.

Jenny Blogs

Would Google Plus be useful in the Classroom ?
Jenny blog on Google + was great. I think it will be a essential tool in the future for great networking. I never really used it, but looking at her profile it would be another way to communicate with my peers and many others. I think Google+ will be great for the classrooms. It would be a good way for teachers to network with students and their coworkers. Google is changing for the better. I posted back letting her know that i will have to try Google + one day.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

C4K Summary

My first C4K was DavidRipp's Blog. He talked about how he wants to go on vacation and take his family to Australia for two to four weeks. He want to enjoy exploring the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. He said he loves the out doors and the wildlife. He had a very good blog and I posted back about how I would love to go to Cape Town, Africa. I would love to see the mother land and enjoy the sight seeing.

My second C4K was Colton's Blog. He talked about his favorite baseball team and how he wish to see them one day. His favorite players are Joe Mauer and Justin Mourau. I posted back telling him that if I had to pick a team it would be the New York Yankees.

My third C4K is Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog. The firefighters  had talked about fire safety and how Ellie's Dad came to show the students how they have to be prepared at all times for a fire call. Mr. Jamie gave the student very helpful information like not to play with matches and fire. If they are ever on fire cover their face and stop, drop, and roll. I loved the pictures and the demonstration on how a firefighter have to get ready and dress in one minute. I learn a couple of things myself. The class had a very awesome blog post.