Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final Report on my PLN

My PLN has become more creative. I have come to use more website daily.It still is a great way to organize all your favorite websites. Its a fast and easy way to have every website you use on hand.  I am now following more teachers on twitter and using more helpful site. I have learned so much from this course about technology and still will continue after the course. I think many people should have a PLN. Its great for anyone.


Blog Post #13


This week we had to go 24 hours without using technology. I fail to comply with the activity after numerous of times. It was so hard going 24 hours without using my phone, watching TV, using my computer, or getting on Facebook. Its hard for me because I have a three year old son that stays with my sister and I call her just about every hour. When you have a child that is an hour away my cell phone is my friend all through out the day. I'm not from Mobile so I talked to my family just about everyday. Having relatives that lives up North and the only connection is Facebook was even harder. Having to use my computer to check for  emails from my group or instructor was even harder.  It was going well at work but once I got off work I totally forgot till I got home. I had to place a poster on my wall in my living room saying "NO TECHNOLOGY FOR 24 HOURS". When I was at home it was easy not to use technology but once I leave the house it was hard. Now that I'm having a baby I need to have my phone on me at all times. I can truly say I cannot live without my technology for 24 hours. Sad but so true. I think when my students enter my classroom in the future they will be already use to much technology. I'm pretty sure they will sneak and use their cell phones for texting or games because I have done so myself in school. I will try to let them know there is more to technology then Facebook, or cell phones and other things. Getting the students to do more with their hands and out doors can bring much nature to the class as well as technology. As teachers we have to be creative in all ways.

Project # 15: Smartboard Presentation Part II

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post # 12

1. Watch these video's Technology in Special Education Classroom and Teaching Special Education. Think about how technology can help in the special education classrooms. Write two to three paragraphs about how you can make a difference with your students if you were teaching a special education class in cooperating technology in the class. Following the requirements in Writing a Quality Blog Post.

2. Also write a one to two paragraph on how using technology with other subjects in the classroom. Such as math, reading, social studies, arts, or other subject.

Both video's was great. I think using technology in the classroom to help students over come many obstacles in learning is great.  Technology in Special Education was a great video where the teacher use technology heavy in the classroom to make the day go by easy. Letting the students use the computers to help them with their work makes it easy for the teacher and the student. Some students have trouble reading, so they can read a long with the computer or they can just listen. I like how the young boy use the iPad to learn how to trace numbers and letters.

A child's education is very important and how they learn is even more important. Teaching Special Education was a great video. Nothing like a teacher understanding where her students is coming from and how they feel. Knowing there is a student out there  that cannot express their self because of their situation. Mrs. Vogelsang use her feedback from her students as a positive reinforcement. Knowing that she is making a difference in her student lives, makes a difference in her's. It may take some time for the students to be where they need to be but soon they will get there. She love using the Smart Board because it gets the students more involved with class activities and the laptops as well. She made a statement which is "its has to be something you want, it have to be something in your heart you want to do."

Using technology in the classroom to teach any subject can be fun. Math, reading, arts, history, or even science. Its just how you use technology to make it work for you and the students. Its so much you can do with the Smart Board, laptops, iPad's, cameras, iPod's, blogging, and even podcast. I feel that what make the learning fun, the student will love to learn. Technology is fun and learning from it besides sitting in a classroom reading from a book or listening to the teacher lecture all the time can be a great change. There will be much technology in my future classroom. It will not be new to the classroom much but I can make a difference with it with my future students.

C4K Final Post

We had to write on a kids blog for three weeks. Even though my student did not comment on her blog for her second week, I was giving another student blog for the other two weeks. My first student was a young girl that loves having fun in school and spending time with her family and friends. Her name was Melissa, she is 11 and have a lot of hobbies and interest. She made a Prezi about her life. She was very creative and have a lot of activities that I would love to try some day. My next student is 18brbe, I really did not get a name for the student but they had a post on the honey badgers. I learn from the student blog that a poisonous snake can't even kill a honey badger, they just pass out for a couple of hours and they back at it. They are wild creatures and nothing can't stop them. The honey badgers also not afraid of anything. I wish i was as brave as a honey badger.
My third student name was Jessica T.. She wrote a post about littering. She feels that the Earth is turning into a city dump. As a world, we can make a difference. One person can make a small difference but a group or a lot of people can make a change. I wrote on her blog post on how I had to do a class project for extra credit in a course by helping to clean up a community. It was fun, I met new people and as a group we made a difference in that community. Earth is where we live, we can live longer if we kept the place where we live clean. My last student was a first grade student name Camryn. She wrote about how she went to Disney World and pet a dolphin. I thought that is was cute. Even though her words was mixed up, I kind of knew what she was trying to say. I think if they start off young they will not have a problem with technology when they get older. They all did a good job and I hope they keep up the good work.

Progress Report for Final Project

My group and I have really likes the idea of doing a group project using the smart board. We have kept in touch and up to date using Skype, text messages, and mostly email. We mainly talked about the ideas and things we wanted to do for our project. We came up with many ideas and cannot wait to meet up to record our final plain for the project. Hope we do a great job.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post # 11

Little kids... Big Potential is an awesome video by a first grade class using technology. For the students to be so young they are well educated. They know so much about technology at an young age. They each have their own blog and a classroom webpage. It amaze me how young they are that they know so much. Their teacher, Mrs. Cassidy, should be very proud of them. They knew not to leave nothing mean on someone blog. They knew if they write on their blog everyday, that their writing skills will improve. They learn through their blogs, wikis, classroom webpage, videos, and their Nintendo DS. They liked to Skype with other classes from other states or towns. It Just amazed me at the ages they are they was well educated.

For Mrs. Cassidy Skype Interview, she has accepted technology into her classroom over ten years ago and has been using it ever since. She helped her students in many ways with the five computers that was giving to her class. She learn how to make webpage and blogs to help her students learn. The blogs is like an online progress. Parents can check up on their child through the classroom web or their personal blogs to see what they have been doing in the class. I like how she said "the world will go on without blogging, but one of the things the students get with blogging that they cannot get with paper and pencil is an audience. They are learning to communicate with other students around the world and not just the students in their classroom. She  also thinks teachers need to be technology literate. I think so as well because its much more then word processor or Microsoft software. I also liked when she says "getting information off of other people blog is not cheating its collaborating." She made a good statement because I have learn so much this semester through other people blogs post.

I would love to use technology in the my future classroom. I would love to use blogs, Skype, wikis, videos, and much more technology in the classroom for a fun learning experience. But there will still be class work without technology. They will even now and then use paper and pencil. I do not want technology to take over the classroom complete because I do not want the students to forget whats more important. Sometimes technology can be just a tab bit to much fun. When I took computer courses in school or college I could not stay focus without  chatting or being on Facebook or YouTube. I want them to learn but also have fun.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Post # 10

Do You Teach or Do You Educate? was a great video. Being an educator is more important then just being able to teach. An educator is a mentor, an advisor, a guider that guides a person who advises and show the way.  I love the statement that was stated in the video "Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave" quoted by Peter Brougham. I think I would be a good educator. I will love to mentor the young and guide them in the right direction. I was always teach to but had a few that educated me. I had a mentor, a guider, and an advisor that cared for me and my education. She never gave up on me even when my family and friends did. She was the best teacher and educator that I will always remember.  "EDUCATION IS THE KINDLING OF A FLAME NOT THE FILLING OF A VESSEL. -SOCRATES"


Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home. Mr. John post was very good. On the other hand his post was not about pencils. One of his focus was about how teachers will focus on eliminating a problem, rather than promoting a solution to the problem. I think his main focus was about technology and how students should be able to take technology home. Technology is a good thing and can help students achieve a lot through using many networks. Mr. John made a good point about letting the students use technology but have fun using it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4T: Flipteaching, Ramsey Musallam

My C4T# 3 was a teacher name Ramsey Musallam. His first post I commented on was an interview video of him poolside at a teacher conference. He talked about how he use a flipteaching tool to flip information for students so they can have a better understanding. I thought it was neat and cool. Some students can get very confused when they do not understand the material they have to use or tools they have to use to do a class project, activities, or assignments. So he flip the information so they can get a better understanding. I told him it was cool and he commented back saying thanks and if I need any more information to email him. That was a plus for me.