Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog Post # 7

The Networked Students did a good job on the video. I loved how they use pictures to get their points across. They talked about how students can be their own teachers. I like that networking gives students the time to build their own way of learning and meet other people. Teaching is changing everyday and technology is becoming more reliable. But in my opinion teachers will always be a key resource.
"Why does the networked students even need a teacher?" Because students need some guidance. Teachers are the one who give them the opportunity to build their information on their own. As teachers also help students make a way for themselves to become more open to different learning was through technology and  other resources. Teachers are here to make sure that students are making the right decision. Teachers can only help so much. They can make a difference if the student lets them. Networking can give students a more hands on based and having fun. Not just staying in the books because there is more to learning then just a book.

A 7th Grader Personal Learning Environment (PLE)
This video has taught me a lot.. I really was not sure what a PLE or PLN was till I saw this video. PLN can keep you more organized and a easy way to obtain information. It is a quicker way to get to some web links faster, and a great way to organized inofrmation about a certain topic or subject. The 7th grader showed me a way to be more organized and she was very creative with her PLE. I think I can get use to using a PLN from now on.

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