Thursday, March 8, 2012

C4T # 2: Jenny's Learning Journey

Having a Go at Photography!
Jenny Blog
Jenny blog was about using what you have to make it work. Just because she did not have a thousand dollar camera, her camera on her iPhone took good pictures as if she used an expensive camera. Jenny said "The happiest people don’t have everything, they just make the best of everything." She was right, it does not take a lot to make someone happy. This blog post inspire me to do an assignment with my future students using what we have, instead of going out to buy things we really do not need.

Jenny Blogs

Would Google Plus be useful in the Classroom ?
Jenny blog on Google + was great. I think it will be a essential tool in the future for great networking. I never really used it, but looking at her profile it would be another way to communicate with my peers and many others. I think Google+ will be great for the classrooms. It would be a good way for teachers to network with students and their coworkers. Google is changing for the better. I posted back letting her know that i will have to try Google + one day.

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