Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4K Summary of October

Two Weeks on Holiday
This blog post was about a kid name Anthony from England. He did a slid show on the things he would love to do for a two week holiday break. He will get $50,000 and spend it on private jets, clothes, shoes, fancy hotels, Ferrari, sushi, a stop in Beverly Hills, and to meet his favorite team, the NY Giants. He has a good future vacation ahead of him. I hope he can make his dream trip come true. Everyone needs a good vacation.

AP Government Ruling My Daily Thoughts
Annelise is a student who attends St. Cecilia Academy Catholic School in Nashville. She talks about her AP Government class and what she learning from the world around her. She talks about the Affordable Care Act. Which involves businesses to provide their employees with contraceptives and sterilization process. She also discuss how the US government is in national debt and they can be shut down due to unpassed budgets or bills. Taking this class, she has gotten more interested in the political things that is happening around her. I never seen or heard of any student that was so interested in the politics. I was not interested in politics till I was old enough to vote. She starting off to a good start.

CJ's is apart of Miss Mac's outstanding owls. His post was about insects, the praying mantis. He wanted his viewers to identify how many parts does the insect have. The praying mantis have three parts. The head, body, and tail. CJ is very interested in insects. I do not like them at all. They really make my body crawls. Everybody has an interest in something and mines is not bugs.

Airport Art:Faces of Ireland
Vitulli and Santoli: Eyes of Ireland. Their post was about Irish visual artist Kevin Abosch. He took 250 photos of the citizens of the island and was displayed in their local airport. Through out the airport the citizens can see their portraits and wonder how they became a piece of art. I thought it was very creative and a wonderful masterpiece. I do not know if I can walk into an airport and see my picture hanging without out getting excited. It was a true piece of art.

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