Friday, November 30, 2012

Last C4K Post

One of my C4K was a tenth grade student name Makalia. Her post was about a book she read in class call Speak. I never heared of the book, but I told her I'll look into it. From what she said about the main character, it sound interesting. She really did not have much to talk about on her blog, but about the book she read for the week.


My last C4K for the semester is a 5th grader name Jacqueline. Her blog post What's Rising? was about the Gorilla population. She states that the number is 230, but now its rising more and more each year. Jacqueline mentions that a story of an gorilla name Ivan and how he was treated, might changed the hearts of people and how they treat these aniamls. All species are important. Her post reminds me of the movie "RISE OF THE APES". She did a good job. Hope she keep up the work.

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