Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blog Post #9

What I Learned This Year (2010-11) is a blog post by Mr. Joe McClung. It was his third year of teaching, but his first year staying at the same school for more than one year. It also was his first year of being a coach, coaching cross country, and teaching computer applications. He had accomplish so much from teaching. Mr. McClung has learned about who his boss is and to never get to comfortable. He states that its a must to stay energized and always on a go when your a teacher. He learned to accept and learn new ideas each day. Teachers learn on a daily basis and accept their imperfections and work on them. Teacher must be able to accept the fact that every lesson will not go as planned. Mr. McClung says that he used to stress all the time because his lessons did not go as planned. Being an elementary teacher, lessons will hardly go as planned because your students are all different in all ways. Teachers must make their lessons plans to fit every student. I hope my future lessons plans will be good enough to fit each student learning style.

What I Learned This Year - Volume 4:2011-12 is Mr. McClung last year blog post during his 2011-2012 school year. He talks about how he feel like he is being judge by his peers. Being a teacher or student, being judge is always going to happen. Mr. McClung put his thoughts aside and focus on his students. Making sure his students are well taken care of and enjoying class is all he cares about. That should be all teachers concern and it will be mines.

Mr. McClung also talks about challenging yourself. With him teaching the same subject for the past three years, he began to get bored. He began to depend on old lesson plans and material that he was finding his class boring. Teaching the same thing over and over without new ideas can be very dreadful. Students can lose focus and not be interested in the subject. When he was offer a new position teaching a different grade level and new subject he was happy. It will come with a lot of work and time to get the lessons in order. With a new subject and grade level, Mr. McClung will be learning new material and becoming more creative again to teach. Many teachers will come to that crossroad in teaching, but they must try to think of ways to keep their classroom alive and going. I will never give up and try my hardest to give my students the best. Mr. McClung has once again given good advice and wrote a great post.


  1. You read "What I LearnED This Year," not "What I Learn This Year." Please have the writing lab help with your next post.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. It was a mistake. Trying to do your assignments in the ER is not fun. But I do not have time to go to the writing Lab. Thats why Richard has been helping me around my time. Getting close to my due date and I'm constantly in and out the hospital. I will make sure I get more then one person to read over my work before turning it in.

  2. Hey Jeanette!

    Just one thing before we talk about the blog post. Congrats on your soon to be here baby. I hope everything goes well! Love that baby as much as you can! Because they do grow up so fast. My little man just turned one!
    Ok, now about your blog post. It was very good! I enjoyed reading about Mr. McClung's blog post that I wasn't able to read. It must have be very difficult to have a first for anything, but he had three firsts. Having to learn how to teach a sport, making assignments interesting, and all the other items on his plate must have been a heavy test! New ideas keep the subject fresh and lively. If a person keeps going through the same old material the teacher will get bored and in turn the students will be bored as well. So yes in a sense never get to comfortable because that will make things very boring.
    In his latest post Mr. McClung does struggle with some peer pressure and judgment. He starts doubting all of his motions and lessons. Wondering if his peers would approve or if they would dismiss his teachings altogether. Now that being said everyone does go through that, especially students. It is a constant battle with them and their peers wondering what is in and what is not. Being in their position this could in turn help Mr. McClung with relating to his students better.
    Challenges are something that every person should put themselves through. This will help them build up a stronger mentality and will help them get through more difficult obstacles. I think that him taking the different job was the best idea for him. This will give him a new meaning on lessons and he gets to learn something new. It could also help him with more exciting lessons, which is something that he strives for.
    Again you had a very good post! I enjoyed reading it. There were only a few minor mistakes I saw:

    Paragraph 1:

    too... not to

    Paragraph 3:
    "He .... how he feel like ... peers." it should be "How IT feels like....."
    FocusED instead of focus
    teachers needs an apostrophe teacher's
    mines should be mine

    Paragraph 4:
    "He .... that he was finding his class boring." should be " that he was finding his had become boring"
    "up and try my hardest to give my students" should be "and I will try my hardest..."

    Like I said only a few minor mistakes. When you get time just reread to correct your mistakes. Really great blog! Thanks

    Courtney Block