Sunday, October 21, 2012

C4T #2: The Principal's Principles

3 Words for the Year: Hope, Opportunity, and Courage

Mr. Bernia talks about how students come to school without hope, opportunity, and courage at a stuff meeting. He wants teachers, like his self, to give students hope,to give them an opportunity, and to courage them to go on. If not teachers, who is? Some kids go to school with no hope that they will not succeed. When students lose hope they lose faith. Knowing they have hope for tomorrow they will keep them moving forward. Some students do not get an opportunity to see the world or go places. As teachers, taking a student on a field trip to the movies, museum, concert, or to the zoo is giving a child many opportunities. Many students really will not explore places with out a school trip. Most students, if not all, need to be encourage. They need that courage to move on and to make it through school. There will always be that one teacher that will not give up on any students. Courage can take a student a long way in life. I was encourage not to give up in life by my grandmother, and I will not turn around now.

Students Reading for Pleasure

In his blog post, Mr. Bernia talks about getting students to read for pleasure. He states that reading can lead to improved reading comprehension, increased writing ability, better use of grammar, increased vocabulary, and much more. The hard part is keeping older students interested in reading for pleasure. His solution is the RSS feed. Its a feed reader such as Google reader or Apple reader students can create to help them find interesting thing to read. Blogging in class can also help the students to connect with other students. Blogging can also help them with their reading. Helping students to stay interested in reading is hard if they do not have help. Keeping them encourage and giving them hope that they will stay focus to read.

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