Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing

Viewing Peer Editing, Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial, and Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes has made me aware that it is really helpful for peer editing. Helping others on their grammar, writing skills, or any of their work is very important. I feel that any feed back that I get on my blog assignments will be helpful to me and making better decision on my writing errors. I have learn so much from these videos and slidshow. I feel that teachers starting kids off young in peer editing is a good way for helping each other in their educational experience. It helps them to communicate with each other and help them to know they are not alone in making mistakes. Its better to have feedback from a peer then a teacher. Peer editing will become a major tool in my future classroom.

Technology in Special Education

This video was very interesting to me. Special need kids have a special place in the world today. They touch many teachers hearts who works with them and they try so hard to make a difference because they do not want to feel left out. The use of technology helps them out a whole lot more then people think. This video taught me how to deal with special need children that I may encounter with in the teaching field. Computers can be a handy tool for someone who have multiple disabilities. They can see their work on hand, they can listen to the computer as it read the work out loud for them, it can also be voice command, and also can be a touch screen,such as ipads, for those who can not write. Technology is a very help tool in a child's life who is special need leaner.

Special Eduaction

How the iPad Works with Academics for Autism

This video is about a little boy name Braden who is autistic and his parents helps him learn by using the iPad. The use of the iPad and its tools helps Braden to learn how to count, spell, read and write words. The use of this technology changed this little boy life forever. Using the tools and the downloaded apps to help him, had made learning more fun for him. I do not have a iPad but I do have a the Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet and I have downloaded many apps for my three year old son. I love the kids shape, alphabets, and numbers apps he use. He likes them because its teaching him his shapes, alphabets, and number in a fun way but he is still learning. Any child with a disabilities can learn and have fun learning with the technology we use today, such as the iPad.There are many different apps that can be downloaded for each grade level or age group. A new way of learning through the iPad.

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts By: Vicki Davis

I agree with everything Ms. Vicki was talking about in this video. There are so many kids that cannot learn because they are not a pencil and paper learner. There are a lot of student who are hands on and visual learners. When a teacher just lecture to their students their tension span does not last long and they get bored. When students having fun learning they intend to be more focus. Ms. Vicki has stepped up and taught her students things about technology they didn't know. In return, she learn things from her students that she did not know. It was a cycle of learning. I believe with the way society is going, technology is basically going to be our only way of teaching our students. As rapidly as technology is evolving, paper and pencils will be extinct and out of the question eventually.

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  1. Jeanette, in regards to your Peer Editing response, I would like to tell you that I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I really like the way that you have such personal connection in your writing. The only problems I saw dealt with forgetting to break your writing up into two paragraphs along with one past tense error (learn instead of learned). Other than that, you were on the ball! You even linked each of the presentations. I figured a blog comment would suffice instead of a personal email considering how little critiquing was necessary.