Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blog Post #2

Did You Know? By John Strange
This video was very interesting because it told many different facts about what is going on in our society today versus what was going on in the past. According to this video, English is becoming a universal language and the United States is the "smartest" country. According to the video, over 25% of the population of India with the highest IQ's out numbers the entire population of the United States. As a future educator I find this quite alarming. It makes me wonder what we are doing that is so wrong. Are we not pushing our children hard enough, are we pushing them too hard, or do we just expecting them to teach themselves? It is estimated that 18 million Chinese speak English now and 300 million are "learners", according to the video, so that means that if the "learners" do speak Chinese fluently, there will be more Chinese who speak English than the entire population of the United States.The video also stated that YouTube and Google are used quite extensively. More so than what we know. Every day millions of videos are uploaded and watched. We shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking that we are the only ones using YouTube. Millions of searches are also made on Google every minute. In the past years this type of technology was not even here yet. Children did not have cell phones or computers. Now 93% of 8-18 year olds have computers, including minorities. Technology has become more and more advanced over the past few years and only has more room to grow. Most of the jobs that are created over the next few years will be using new technology, technology that we don't even know how to use yet. As educators we will be responsible for teaching these students how to use these technologies effectively.

Mr. Winkle Wakes By: Matthew Needleman
This video was quite interesting. It starts out with a man named Mr. Winkle who slept for 100 years and awoke to find that the world had changed so much. He couldn't get over the fact that people used computers, printers, and face time to communicate. It was strange to him. He decided since he was feeling so bad that he would go to a hospital, but once there, he realized that the hospital was just the same as everywhere else. People were kept alive by machines that breathed air into his lungs and Doctors looked at x-rays and used lasers to help make people better. Mr. Winkle was not used to this at all. After walking down the road a bit, he finds a school and decides to step inside. Once inside he decides he likes what he sees because there are no computers, only teachers who lecture the kids and they take notes. He liked the fact that after 100 years at least schools had not changed by adding technology to the curriculum. I like how the creator of this video brought up the fact that technology has not been brought into the schools like it should be. In our society today technology is widely used by children and instead of educators embracing this, it seems like they have pushed it farther away. These children need to be taught how to use technology because of the fact that our society is going to be strictly a technology based society, we are well on our way there, if we're not there already.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
This video was great. I have really never known for a long time that we are completely ignoring the creativity that children have. Instead of embracing it, we are pushing it away and trying to teach them to mask it because they should act a certain way in schools. In this video he brings about many different valid points. He compares education to religion and money, these are two very touch subjects, but when it comes to education, people get fired up as well because they believe that things should be done a certain way, but only a select few will actually take the steps to achieve their goals. I agree with what he said about the fact that society today squanders the talents of children instead of accepting them. There are so many talented people who don't use their talents because they are taught from a young age that they will never get a job doing something such as being an artist, or a singer, or a dancer. So they just steer clear of doing those things.

A Day Made of Glass 2
I think it would be amazing to have such technology such as glass in the future learning fields. I loved the classroom atmosphere in the video. The students can bring their glass tables to class and it connects to the main board in the classroom. A technology like that in the future classrooms would be very helpful. The teacher can send each student their work and it can be saved with a click of a button. Plus using a technology such as glass will keep the students more focus and more eager to learn. It can make learning more fun and understanding. The future will look brighter. If I ever get a chance to experience something like this in my classroom or in the future it will be a great advantage to me and my classroom. It will be a great advantage to the world.
A day made of glass

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  1. Hi Kelley, I agree with you that it is amazing what technology has to offer the next generation. I loved the video of Sir Robinson as well. As educators we really should be looking for ways to bring out our students creativity rather than capture it in a box. I think you will do extremely well in this.
    There are a few grammar errors in your post so watch out that they don't become a habit. I have found that reading your post backwards is a good way to check for errors. Also, I don't think the U.S. is doing anything wrong with its education, I think that India and China have huge populations and they may have less opportunity but more motivation to better themselves than we do as Americans.