Sunday, February 12, 2012

C4T # 1: Doug Off the Record

" Curating Groundhogs"
My first comment for teacher was on Doug Pete and his blog was about groundhog day. It was titled "Curating Groundhogs". It was about three different ways to create good resources about groundhog day on three different approaches. He use the LiveBinders, Scoopit, and Pinterest. They was all good layouts that was very creative for what he was doing to express Groundhog day. They all had a bookmark approach that game good information about groundhog day.

"Learning about Gaming"
Doug blog post on Learning about gaming. It was very informational and very interesting. I liked how the teacher from Toronto has an after school program on gamification. It would be something that would interest me to do something like that in my classroom. Getting the students more involved in the classroom. It gives the students a way to be creative in the classroom and in society.

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