Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Post 2

Did You Know

I learned a lot from the "Did You Know?" video. It's amazing how much our country has expanded in growth and in knowledge. We are still advancing till this day. Things we learned in our freshman year in college has updated over the years. Its amazing how much our technology has advance and how many people have become accustom to our new technology. I know people in other countries are smart but I did not know that China has a 25% high IQ score then the U.S. and they becoming the # 1 English speaking country in the future. I truly believe  that technology has taken over the world and it's changing more and more each day. It's amazing how far Myspace has come and if it was a country it will be the 5th largest country. Just imagine how large Facebook would be if it was a country?

Mr. Winkle

Mr. Winkle is right. Over the years things are changing but some things will stay the same. As each day goes by something is being invented or updated in software's. From the cell phones to the computers it has advanced over the year. There are some people that love the new technology and some people that love the old way where they do not use much technology. Its mostly the youth and the upper generation that love the technology. Mr. Winkle is old fashion and some people like old fashion. I had a professor that did not watch TV or go out to the movies. He just ride his boat, and traveled all over the world on school breaks. I had a math teacher that did not believe in using calculators to solve problems. So he made us work the problems out the long way. His kids had to grow up without using calculators and internet he told us. I probably would have lost my mind if I was his child.


 Sir Ken Robinso was an awesome person. I think what he was talking about was right. Creativity is something all kids need in their life. Without creativity how can a child know where they stand in life. Some schools need to bring back the choir or music, step, arts, theater, and etc. When  I was in middle school I was in the school choir and step team. When I moved to Alabama I was not in any school activity because we did not have much. We did not even have a art, dance line, or drama class till my senior year. If children start off young they can be very creative all through their school years. Young students need to know what fits them and what makes them happy.

21st Century Leaning

Twenty first century learning is becoming advance. Kids are learning things and they do not even know it. A first graders probably knows how to work a smart phone or a laptop or computer then a first grader about twenty years ago. Children are away's learning even if it just watching TV. MY son knows all the songs on the Disney channel just from listen to them over and over and he's only three years of age. My niece and nephew learn their ABC's by listen to my oldest niece sing them. By listen to them they learn how to sing their ABC's without even knowing it. Kids are learning in different ways all the time. The future is changing and so is the ways of learning.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts is a good way for teens to get use to blogging or getting use to technology. It's amazing how students learn from each others and what they can learn on their own. It was amazing how this Mrs. Davis started a program for students to be creative in class and letting them use their ideas to create and do things they love to do. I wish we had a class like that in high school. I had to learn things on my own with the updated technology and teach myself how things was done.


  1. Nice post! Good use of pictures to keep my eyes from getting bored with just words. Just a few grammatical errors here and there, might I suggest just reading over your five mintues after your completed it. That was a tip given to me that seemed to work alot.

  2. Hello Jeanette,

    One thing that really stuck out to me as I was reading was your persistent use of 'advance' instead of 'advanced'. I don't know if you simply forgot to add the 'd' or what, but I had to let you know. Joseph's tip was a good one, but I also suggest that you type up your blog posts in a Word Doc prior to posting them on your blog. Doing that will catch a lot of the smaller error and honestly, it's a lot easier to type in a Word Doc than it is in the blogger post box. Blogger doesn't have spell check either. Anyway, that's enough about grammar and spelling for this comment.

    I thought you did a good job of summarizing the main points of each prompt and video, and then replying in your own words with your thoughts about the subjects. You also did the title tags correctly for your pictures, so great work there. One last thing: include the links to the videos or websites you are talking about so that your readers (who may not know what you're talking about) can go see for themselves.

    Good job!