Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Post # 3

Technology in Special Education
This video on using technology to help special need students was awesome. Many special need children have a hard times getting their work done and being successful in the classroom. Lacy Cooks takes a different approach and help her students become better and smarter through the help of technology. The iPod helps a student listen to the words of the story because he has trouble reading in silence. Audio books are always a good help for student that like for others to read to them. The students that had to use charts to spell out words so they can communicate with the teacher or other students took up a lot of time. Using the computer helped the students get their assignments done and a better way to communicate faster and easy.

There will always be special attention in the classrooms. Using technology to help my students in the future will be a great advantage for me and my students. Helping my students in anyway will be a great way for them to learn and learn the right way. Using audio, computers, smart boards, and other technology will be helpful for all the students. Giving a child the tools to learn the best way they can will be the help of all needs.

How the iPad Works with Academics for Autism
Its amazing how the parents worked with the child in the video using the iPad to learn his basic words and counting numbers. The apps they use are good apps as well. I us the counting app on my phone for my son. He's three years of age and know how to count to ten. Some of the apps are very helpful for some students that have a hard time learning in different subjects. I like the Math Bingo app. It would be very helpful for grades first through third. I also like the math board. It looks like a cool app and helps the student see their mistakes and give them quizzes on what they have learn. Technology is a big key in learning and I will be using it in my classroom. Video

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
The Social Media Count is so cool. Its amazing how at this moment someone is uploading a picture, liking something on someone Facebook page, or watching a YouTube video. As a teacher, I need to be alert of my surrounding technology and what has become new and what is being updated. Some of my students will probably know more about some of the technology then I will be. Soon or later there will be another top website I would not know about but my students will. I can use the Social Media Count to see what is going on around the world. Everything counts in this technology time.

A Vision of Students Today
In A Vision of Students Today, it shows us the truth. The video was so good. Some students will get a degree and probably will not even use it. Student pay for school and will not even show up. Finishing school for me is my goal. I face my problems because at the end of my road it will be worth it. I feel that even in college, technology need to be used in the classroom. Some teachers just lecture and you have to take notes. By the first ten minutes into the lecture the student mind is some place else. Staying focus in class is the hard part when its not interesting. But hard work will pay off.

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