Sunday, August 26, 2012


About Me
My name is Jeanette Kelley, 23, and I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY but lived and graduated from high school from Excel High School. After I graduated from high school I attended and graduated from Alabama Southern Community College with my Associates. I then moved to Mobile to attend University of South Alabama for Elementary Education. I always loved helping children, especially my son, nieces, and nephews. I feel I can make a difference in their lives, so I know I can in someone else’s life. I’m ready to move forward in my life. I have learned a lot first go round in this course, and welling to learning more interesting facts about EDM310 this go round.

 I’m six months pregnant with a baby boy and due at the end of the semester. I love spending time with my three year old son and mostly my family. He is very happy to be a big brother soon. Family and God come first in my life. Without them I would not be where I am today. This semester started off hard for me with a death in the family, but I hope to finish the semester with a positive mind and an A.

Randy Pausch on Time Management
While watching Dr. Pausch's video, I learned a few new things. I found it very interesting that he said it was beneficial to make a "to-do list" and once you made that list that you should do the "ugliest" thing first. This makes sense once you think about it because I know that I don't want to do that one awful thing so I usually just put it off until the last minute. Which means I'm usually rushing to get work finished 30 minutes before it's due. I don't really have time management issues anymore since I've gotten older, but I do tend to procrastinate on things that I dread doing. I also liked how he said we should ask "Why am I doing this?" to everything on our list and then asking "What happens if we don't do it?" There are always consequences. "Doing the right thing adequately is more important than doing the wrong things beautifully" was my favorite quote of the video. When completing things it is more important to take your time and do them correctly the first time instead of waiting and doing them wrong.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. You satisfied all the criteria of the assignment, and it was understandable. There were a few grammar issues, though. Though your meaning was clear, there were some run-on sentences. Maybe you should try using semicolons to separate sentences or introduce lists; that way you won't be using so many ands or buts.

  2. Thanks. I will next time. Love the feedback; it helps me a lot. Feel free to comment anytime.