Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13


This week we had to go 24 hours without using technology. I fail to comply with the activity after numerous of times. It was so hard going 24 hours without using my phone, watching TV, using my computer, or getting on Facebook. Its hard for me because I have a three year old son that stays with my sister and I call her just about every hour. When you have a child that is an hour away my cell phone is my friend all through out the day. I'm not from Mobile so I talked to my family just about everyday. Having relatives that lives up North and the only connection is Facebook was even harder. Having to use my computer to check for  emails from my group or instructor was even harder.  It was going well at work but once I got off work I totally forgot till I got home. I had to place a poster on my wall in my living room saying "NO TECHNOLOGY FOR 24 HOURS". When I was at home it was easy not to use technology but once I leave the house it was hard. Now that I'm having a baby I need to have my phone on me at all times. I can truly say I cannot live without my technology for 24 hours. Sad but so true. I think when my students enter my classroom in the future they will be already use to much technology. I'm pretty sure they will sneak and use their cell phones for texting or games because I have done so myself in school. I will try to let them know there is more to technology then Facebook, or cell phones and other things. Getting the students to do more with their hands and out doors can bring much nature to the class as well as technology. As teachers we have to be creative in all ways.

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